How Did I Get Here?


I never know where a road or a click on the internet will lead me but I love to take a chance sometimes. I was reading an interesting new blog about Arizona history called Arizona Archivy, The Blog of Arizona State Archives and I clicked “follow” and this is where I ended up. I had a blog at one time but didn’t keep it up. In fact, I think the password got messed up with an upgrade or update and so I just let it drift away. So, here I am again. Let’s see where this road takes me.

The blog from the Arizona State Archives looks really interesting and I look forward to learning more of this great state’s history (good and bad). Check it out if you like history. The first post is a story about one of Arizona’s early territorial governors, Lewis Wolfley, who also started The Arizona Republican which is now The Arizona Republic. Who knew? Well I learned something new today.

So what’s next? Hmmm, let me think about it.



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