Love Happy Reunions

This morning I happened to read about the happy reuniting of a wedding dress and its owner. Not just any wedding dress but the dress that has been worn for 3 generations of the owners family. When their home was destroyed by tornadoes in recent storms, the dress was rescued, still in it’s storage box and unharmed, by a river, 2 miles away. The thoughtfulness of the members of the community to help reunite the found dress with its owner is amazing. You can read about this story here.


This reminded me of another story I had read about on Facebook last week and the great work of concerned strangers to reunite a Purple Heart award with the family of the recipient. I was amazed at how fast the reunion happened after the original post was made.


Purple Heart Close Up

This story and the wedding dress story, both small and insignificant in the overall realm of things,  help make my day just a little brighter after waking to the news of more senseless death and destruction.



I had the opportunity to hear this beautiful Easter song performed two times yesterday. Both were done so very well that I cannot tell which one I liked best. The words are simple and true, a testimony to the life of Christ. I love the melody, haunting and pleading…

Gethsemane – by Jenny Phillips

Jesus climbed the hill
To the garden still
His steps were heavy and slow
Love and a prayer
Took Him there
To the place only He could go

Jesus loves me
So He went willingly
To Gethsemane

He felt all that was sad, wicked or bad
All the pain we would ever know
While His friends were asleep
He fought to keep
His promise made long ago

Jesus loves me
So He went willingly
To Gethsemane

The hardest thing That ever was done
The greatest pain that ever was known
The biggest battle that ever was won
This was done by Jesus.
The fight was won by Jesus.

Jesus loves me
So he gave His gift to me
In Gethsemane

Jesus loves me
So he gives His gift to me
From Gethsemane