My beautiful mountain.

My beautiful mountain.

This page is about me. Well, my tabs, titles, and posts will tell anyone that is interested more about me than a couple of paragraphs here.

I am passionate about my family and my genealogy. I love learning about my ancestors-who they were, what they did, how they did what they did. I hope that I can use this canvas to share all of these names and their stories with my children, grandchildren, and future generations of my family.

I love to create quilts. I love to see quilts made by others. I love to explore the history of quilting and follow the future of quilting. In the past, I am considered a traditional

Mountain paths

Mountain paths

quilter. My quilts are usually reproductions of old patterns and fabrics. Now I am looking at “modern” quilts and becoming drawn to them, as well.

I am a 60+ year old, with just enough technical knowledge (computers and social media) to put me a little ahead of my peers. I can usually figure things out if I work on it long enough, but it also makes me a little dangerous when it comes to fixing things.

Being retired has given me a new view of life and I plan to enjoy every minute of it.


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