I (re)Learned a New Word Today

Our brains are amazing! I mean really amazing! And so is nature! I am, well just let me say, past retirement age so I have read and learned so many things that I forgot I knew. The computer that we call “brain” does have the natural ability to remember everything we put into it. The test is our ability to recall or bring it out. This morning, reading a post on Facebook, I saw this photo-10537388_10152196698211316_1564039788177497304_n This is a spiraling Mexican cactus. I love and am fascinated by the cacti that surrounds me here in the Arizona deserts. They are the epitome of surviving and adaptation. Anyway, that is another subject.

I am also drawn to patterns, after all-I am a quilter, and this is one of my all time favorites. As I was glancing at some of the shared remarks, I found one that provided the name of this great  phenomena, Fibonacci. As I followed the link, it dawned on me that I already knew this, I probably learned it in high school math but my point is, I recognized the principle! My brain is still working! And THAT is a good thing.

And I loved reviewing what I had learned years ago and learning even more! Fibonacci numbers are awesome. They are in every living thing. Plants, humans, animals. I am going to try to define it here so I can better remember it-Nature’s numbering system. It is nature’s way of numbering the order of the growth. In plants we see it in the arrangement of the leaves, the petals, the sections that fruit produces. It is natures way of producing the plant to the fullest advantage of its production. The pine cone and the pineapple, the arrangement of the petals on a flower and the seed arrangements of a sunflower all display this natural order.

This is the link to learn refresh your memory about Fibonacci:


Fibona48 IMG_0127

Photo sources and acknowledgements-

The sunflower center photo is from the website link listed. the spiraling cacti photo from my personal photos and the blooming Mexican cactus photo is borrowed from naturalnews.com as shared on Facebook